3rd meeting in Municipality of Prespes



On 17th December 2019, the third technical meeting of the partners of the GREENPOINT-MOB project was successfully held in Laimos, Prespes within the framework of the European Program INTERREG – IPA CBC GREECE-ALBANIA 2014-2020, in which the DIADYMA participates as the lead partner.

In the specific project, financed by INTERREG – IPA CBC GREECE – ALBANIA 2014-2020, particate 6 project partners:

  1. DIADYMA S.A., Greece (Lead Partner)
  2. Municipality of Prespes, Greece
  3. Municipality of Nestorio, Greece
  4. Municipality of Kolonjë, Albania
  5. Balkan Center for Cooperation and Development (BCCD), Albania
  6. Municipality of Gjirokaster, Albania

The total budget of the project amounts to € 670,673.98 and it has duration of two years.

The GREENPOINT-MOB project concerns the prevention and recycling of waste and the development of two mobile green points in Greek area (Municipality of Prespes, Municipality of Nestorio) and other two in Albanian area (Municipality of Gjirokaster, Municipality of Kolonja), in combination with awareness raising and promoting the recovery of recyclable materials with separation at source.

The main objective of the project is to improve the management of recyclable waste (paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, batteries, used oils, electrical and electronic equipment, bulky waste, used clothing and lamps) in remote areas.

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