Green Point Mob

Project Title

Development of a mobile Green Point at the cross-border region and promotion of prevention and recycling

Brief description

The GREENPOINT-MOB is a mobile container consisting of smaller waste containers for all different waste streams (plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, electronic appliances and organic waste). The reason for this idea is the need to cover the recycling in distance and remote areas but also to reinforce the local citizens to start waste recycling through waste collection-at-home. The common problem is the low penetration of recycling in the CBC area and the remote character of the residential areas. Although a lot of efforts have been done, recycling remains in furstandigly levels.

On the Greek side of the border although many recycling efforts have been done, little progress has been recorded. On the Albanian side, the integrated waste management is still under development but both project areas set high targets of recycling for the programme period until 2020. More specifically, the Regional Waste Management Plan for Western Macedonia (PESDA) set the target for recycling waste at 75% of the total waste with and without the mechanical treatment. On the other side, the goal for recycling set at 55% according to the National Waste Management Plan, starting from zero level. Therefore, the challenge to be tackled by GREENPOINT-MOB project is to make people aware about recycling-at-source by appropriate motivation and training also in the distance and remote areas. The Regional Waste Management Plan (recently drafted) pays a lot of emphasis to the larger penetration of recycling and composting of waste through better training of the citizens and awareness raising campaign. One major change regards necessarily is the promotion and further adaptation of waste-at-source collection. This cannot be true, if we do not provide the necessarily motivation and the incentives to the people to starting the recycling-at-home even if they leave in small villages, far away from the urban centers. In order to start doing that so, a great boost need to be given in conjunction with a strong message delivered by the youth. The young generation shall take the lead with proper training and awareness on home recycling. Therefore, GREENPOINT-MOB targets in changing people attitude towards recycling-at-source and the use of a mobile container with different waste containers for each waste stream. The container will remain at each area for the necessary days along with training activities for people awareness though a strong information campaign and a story telling. What new brings the GREENPOINT project is the directly involvement of the final beneficiaries -the people- to the project execution.

This will be done through dedicated training of citizens, smart competition in recycling efforts with other neighborhoods, information seminars, supply with necessary recycling separation bins and proper guidance on recycling practices and information about the benefits of recycling. The target group is the citizens of the project area to be informed about the recycling-at-home-practices with bigger emphasis given to the carefully selected neighborhoods where the GREENPOINT will settle down. At each area people will get trained and get informed about the competition named “Recycling at neighborhoods” where each neighborhood will be supplied with different bags’ color in order to motivate towards recycling. The bigger use of bags the better for the local community. Training seminars at schools will take place the periods of GREENPOINT-MOB settle in a neighborhood and start a habit: Recycle at home, at the companies and offices. Goal is to directly influence the 20% of the population in each area through dedicated training and information activities and the 80% with indirect methods through dedicated press releases, interviews with mayors and project responsible on the benefits of recycling. According to the level of penetration measured in the first round and the success of different recycling promotion measures, the actions will be replicated in different project areas (neighborhoods) or at the same if the outcome is not the one foreseen.

The main objective of GREENPOINT-ΜΟΒ is to improve the management of recyclable waste (paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, batteries, used oils, electrical and electronic equipment, bulky waste, used clothes, lamps) in the remote areas.

Project Partners

Waste Management of Western Macedonia DIADYMA SA (Greece)
Lead Beneficiary

Municipality of Prespes (Greece)

Municipality of Nestorio (Greece)

Municipality of Kolonja (Albania)

The Balkan Centre for Cooperation and Development (Albania)

Municipality of Gjirokastra (Albania)

Project Info

Budget:  670.673,98€,
Duration: 24 months,
Signature Date of the Subsidy Contract: 10/07/2018

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