Recycling Day by the Municipality of Prespa on Thursday 28/11


  Recycling Day is being organized by the Municipality of Prespa on Thursday 28/11 at the precinct of the Town Hall in the Prespa Lemos, marking the start of recycling and composting activities in the Prespa villages. The event will present the new recycling bins provided by the Municipality of Prespa under the GreenPoint Mob project funded by the INTERREG […]

Approval and Market Research of “GreenPoint-Mob Presentation and Demonstration Services”


  The Mayor of Nestorio approved the service of demonstration of the Green Point. Read more here

Dissemination material of the project


The dissemination material of the actions of Greenpoint-MOB project was received. 1000 bags 300 hats 300 magnets 300 pencils 300 patches  

The questionnaire for the Municipalities


DIADYMA prepared a suitable questionnaire to be shared within the residents of Prespes and Nestorio through Municipalities, to collect data on their views on the following issues: Recycling (about what they recycle, how, satisfaction of current situation) Mixed litter (bin distance, collection frequency, satisfaction of current situation) Biowaste (management, utility, bucket, domestic composting, fertilizer)

Environmental education actions


As part of the GreenPoint MOB Greece-Albania Project, we were pleased to visit 8 schools (Primary and Secondary Education) of Nestorio and Prespes Municipalities. Young students welcomed us with enthusiasm; we talked about recycling, how to prevent waste and the special actions of DIADYMA (operation of solid waste treatment plant). Some of them also had the opportunity to visit some […]

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