Recycling Day by the Municipality of Prespa on Thursday 28/11



Recycling Day is being organized by the Municipality of Prespa on Thursday 28/11 at the precinct of the Town Hall in the Prespa Lemos, marking the start of recycling and composting activities in the Prespa villages. The event will present the new recycling bins provided by the Municipality of Prespa under the GreenPoint Mob project funded by the INTERREG IPA II CROSS BORDER COOPERATION PROGRAM GREECE – ALBANIA 2014-2020 project. With the aim of the program’s resources, the Municipality is able to develop a complete network of recycling points in the Prespa villages by tripling the recycling bins that will now cover all the local communities of the Municipality. At the same time, the demonstration of the new mobile green point supplied by DIADYMA will be displayed as part of the same program  for recycling in the Municipality of Prespa, covering the four main streams of recyclable materials (paper, plastic, aluminum, glass) and other household waste streams for recovery in the context of the circular economy! Clothes and Shoes, Used Lamps, Batteries, Cooking oils, Hazardous Household Waste. There will also be a plastic recycling demonstration separating the 6 types of recycling plastic and on-site recycling from KINSEP Nature and Culture. Finally, the event will include suggestions from the  Waste Management of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA) and Prespa Municipality executives and will present statistics on waste management as well as progress on the implementation of the local waste management plan.

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