Celebration of World Environment Day


On Saturday 5th June DIADYMA SA organised a celebration about world environment day from 10:30 to 13:00 at the Olympic Flame Park, in Kastoria.

The citizens were informed about the separate collection and the correct use of the 5 recycling bins (paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and biowaste) with a demonstration of the bins and brochure sharing with detailed instructions.

Also, there was a presentation of the Reuse Center of Kastoria, which has been operating since October 2020, where every citizen can either deliver or take items for reuse thar are in good condition (eg books, toys, household utensils, electrical appliances, decorative furniture, etc.), free of charge. The participation of the citizens was quite encouraging and some even brought materials for reuse from their homes.

In addition, during the briefing, participants had the opportunity to participate in a knowledge quiz (for recycling and reuse) and win useful items from DIADYMA.


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